Custom Photo Booth Lighting

Make Your Photo Booth Extra Special

With our rentals, you can choose from a number of custom photo booth lighting options to make your booth extra special. A unique lighting display will go a long way in impressing your guests and creating an instant VIP feel to your photo booth. Choose from our many lighting options for your photo booth:

Uplighting lets you take your booth to the next level by accenting it with our high quality LED lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures will be strategically placed on the ground facing upwards to illuminate and accent the walls or surfaces near your photo booth, creating a great wow factor that will really attract your guests to your booth. You can choose to illuminate your booth with just one color, or slowly fading among the many colors the eye can see.

Intelligent Lighting lets you create a club-like experience in and around your photo booth. Our standard LED lights are controlled via computer to move the lights around your photo booth in a show-stopping way. You can easily create a high-energy, rock show effect inside or outside your booth with this great option.

Pin Spot Your Photo Booth lets you add a convention or LED pin spot directly above your booth to give it that extra touch of elegance and attract your guests. Pin Spot lighting is just like pin spotting a floral arrangement on a table!

Your Name in Lights allows you to project your name and patterns on the floor leading into the entrance of the booth or on the wall by your booth. Using a metal design template placed in front of our powerful lights, a creative design of your choice will be cast near your booth in a theatrical way. The creative options are endless!

Star Effect Lighting will make your guests feel like they're under the stars while using your photo booth.  Since our photo booths have open tops, we can project stars and a midnight blue wash on the ceiling for a romantic, dreamy photo booth experience. Your guests will love it!