Social Media Integration

Instantly Post Your Guests' Photos

With our social media integration options, you can considerably further the reach of your brand and event, or just add another fun element to your wedding or party through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our advanced software makes it easy for your guests to share their excitement for your event to their networks, and presents another fun interactive element to your photo booth.

Facebook Integration lets your guests log in to their individual accounts via our software prior to getting in the booth so that the photos they take will automatically be posted to their news feeds. Or, guests do not have to log in and all of their photos will automatically be posted to your company or group's fan page. With either option, you can also include a unique message that will automatically post with your guests' photos - a great choice for corporate clients to promote their brand, or to just share the fun of your wedding or party to those who weren't there.

Twitter Integration works the same as Facebook, but you can choose predetermined hash tags and 140 character messages to accompany your guests photos when they are published directly to Twitter.

Pinterest Integration works the same as both Facebook and Twitter, but you can pin your guests' images directly to your pin boards on Pinterest and include original messaging, a link to your website, and hashtags to help your brand appear in more often in main image feeds.