Corporate Event Marketing Guide

We've worked with big brands and industry leaders on innovative, interactive on-site marketing campaigns using custom branded photo booth solutions. Use these ideas, tips, and resources to increase ROI at your next event.

Create a Winning Marketing Strategy to Get More Leads, Brand Exposure, and Loyal Customers.

This guide helps brands envision and create meaningful brand activations. We bring unparalleled experience, extensive industry knowledge, and innovative technology that ensures results that exceed your expectations.
Our guide overview provides tips, stats, and ideas to get you started on your next successful event.
Create a 360-degree brand experience with custom branding and seamless integration with your campaign or theme.
Attract and engage your potential clients in new and exciting ways to build customer loyalty.
Integrate your in-person event with the online social world for maximum reach.
See case studies of successful partnerships with major brands.

What can a photo booth really do for my event?

Photo booths are an event marketing tool with major ROI. Today's modern consumer wants more than the typical sales pitch, and craves memorable, authentic experiences with the brands they love. Pivot your marketing plan to a customer-focused strategy using a custom photo booth solution, and generate leads, create brand exposure, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase engagement at your next event.

Lead Generation

Events let you get face-to-face with your exact target market.

Brand Exposure

Cultivate and express your brand identity and product.

Customer Loyalty

Leave a powerful impression that consumers trust.


Gain the attention of new and existing customers.

Corporate Event Marketing Resources

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We partnered with Bud Light on their #MakeItPlatinum campaign.


Our inclusion in LG's #MomConfessions campaign produced real ROI.

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