Creative Custom Branding for a Truly Unique Brand Experience

Draw customers in and create greater customer engagement for a 360-degree brand experience. Get better results and long-term customer loyalty.

Use a Custom-Branded Photo Booth to Take Your Event to the Next Level

Our specialty is working with brands to develop creative, unique, and cohesive custom branded photo booths for corporate events. From a custom exterior booth wrap, logo-filled backdrop, or creative concept brought to life in the booth interior, we have the tools and knowledge to create any vision or integrate with any campaign.
Corporate Event Marketing Guide
Create a 360-degree brand experience with custom branding and seamless integration with your campaign or theme.
Attract and engage your potential clients in new and exciting ways to build customer loyalty.
Integrate your in-person event with the online social world for maximum reach.
See case studies of successful partnerships with major brands.
Tips, stats, and ideas to get you started on your next successful event.

Immerse Customers in a 360-Degree Brand Experience

The best way to stand out is by giving your audience something better. Show your brand's true colors with a custom photo booth.
Surround your potential customers with on-brand messaging. Simultaneously take photos to reinvigorate their memories later on, reminding your customers of your brand's message again and again. We partner with clients to develop a unique, custom photo booth to ensure your booth at the next trade show or expo is the one they walk away remembering. Check out our Corporate Photo Gallery for examples of our work.

Create Lasting Brand Recognition and Customer Loyalty

Interact with your customer base outside of the cold call. Don't just find customers, make new friends.
Appearances aside, your custom photo booth is only as powerful as the pictures it creates. Increase shareability with preloaded branding, image enhancements, and graphics on every photo. Share them directly to social media, taking your offline event to potential online customers. Your branded photo booth will turn heads and crack smiles.

See Our Work

We partnered with Bud Light on their #MakeItPlatinum campaign.
Our inclusion in LG's #MomConfessions campaign produced real ROI.

Four Corporate Event Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

There are seemingly endless details to plan for any successful event, and it's not unlikely that some things fall through the cracks. But don't let this happen to you. Be over-prepared by knowing the most common event marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.
Mistake #1: Winging it. Plan, plan, plan! Don't let any detail of your event go untouched, no matter how minor it may seem. Events are a huge investment, but their return is great if you ensure your plan is laid out, your staff is trained, and you've done your homework. The best event marketing plans also include a backup plan and a crisis escalation plan, too. Mistake #2: Under- or over-staffing your event. Knowing exactly how many hands you'll need and what each role entails is vital to any event. There's no great turn off to a trade show attendee than a booth overflowing with eager staff, and too many forceful volunteers stuffing pamphlet upon pamphlet into customers' hands at your product launch event can be counterproductive. Think through exactly how many staff you'll need to have meaningful interactions with guests (considering peak times), but don't overdo it. Similarly, don't leave yourself too shorthanded so that you miss out on activity with potential customers. Mistake #3: losing track of important interactions. Events are your opportunity to interact with potential customers face-to-face and build relationships. If you have a conversation with a viable prospect, jot down key details immediately following so you don't forget. Take their business card, write down their twitter handle, or take notes to later enter into your CMS so that you can do targeted, personal follow-up. Mistake #4: Blending in with the crowd. An awesome location on the trade show floor won't necessarily draw people in. In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to get creative. Make sure your branding is bold and eye-catching, and incorporate activities that foster positive interaction like photo booths, games, music, swag, etc.

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