How to Plan a Crazy Successful Product Launch Event

Zach Moss

You might not be selling the next iPhone, but you can still generate buzz.

What's your purpose? Of course, increasing sales of your new product is your number one goal. But how is your event going to get you there? Define the purpose of your event in measurable variables, such as the volume of product distribution, the depth of customer awareness, the number of influencers you reached, or the amount of media coverage you secured. This will help you narrow your purpose and plan in a way that contributes to your sales outcomes. Location, location, location Not only do you want your event location to allow your target audience to attend easily, but you also want it to reflect your product. Scout your location carefully. Don't be afraid to think outside the box - think street events, flashmobs, virutal events - but don't forget about traditional mainstays like tradeshows or cocktail parties, too. Create a memorable, worthwhile experience A product launch isn't just about inviting the right audience and choosing the perfect location. You have to give your customers a reason to go. To get your audience to attend, focus on their needs and how your product improves their lives. From a customer's point of view, you'll stand out by crafting a message personalized to their lives (rather than more salesy jargon). Follow up It's an easy opportunity to continue the momentum of your product launch by following up post-event. Don't spend all of your energy building your presence prior and during your event. Plan for continuing the launch process over time and consistently communicating your message through a variety of vehicles (press releases, social media, print, paid advertising, etc.).

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