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Learn how to maximize your event ROI with real-time social media marketing. Our custom branded photo booths create far-reaching online brand exposure with instant sharing and social integration.

Capitalize on Interactive, On-Site Marketing with a Social Media Photo Booth.

The modern customer is social. We help brands take their events online with instant photo sharing , pre-populated custom hashtags, and online event albums. Reach customers where they’re active online before, during, and after your event.

Corporate Event Marketing Guide
Integrate your in-person event with the online social world for maximum reach.
Create a 360-degree brand experience with custom branding and seamless integration with your campaign or theme.
Attract and engage your potential clients in new and exciting ways to build customer loyalty.
See case studies of successful partnerships with major brands.
Tips, stats, and ideas to get you started on your next successful event.

Instant Social Sharing, Endless Impressions

Our photo booth solutions easily integrate with social media so that users can instantly share their experiences with their followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. By capitalizing on something your customers will naturally want to do, you’ll tap into a vast network of new leads and create lasting brand exposure with little effort!

Viral Marketing Customers Love

Social media dominates the online world today, and your customers want to understand and interact with your brand. Create messages and media with your event photo booth that go viral and spread like wildfire across social networks, increasing your impressions and helping you meet your event goals. Our social media integration works with any of our booth offerings.


Four Keys to Successful Social Media Event Marketing

Social media has changed the way consumers interact with brands, which offers marketers limitless opportunities to communicate their messages and promote their events. Even though marketers have been harnessing the power of social media for a while now, it still takes careful planning to execute a successful social media event marketing plan. Follow these four essential keys to marketing your event in the social space.
1. Pre-Event Planning
The best planning comes months before your event. Take the time to thoroughly discuss and brainstorm your event, then set the groundwork for executing your marketing plan. Start with creating a detailed timeline for event promotions and announcements across all channels. Then develop the creative and visual elements that will define your event. Finally, set up the basics of your social channels, including a facebook and linkedin event, claiming your location on Foursquare, and creating a custom event hashtag.

2. Pre-Event Social
Once your planning has set everything in place, hit the ground running with pre-event social media. Start your efforts 2-3 weeks ahead of time, and carefully plan the number and types of posts for each social media channel. Cater your posts to each audience, but use visuals that tie everything together and create cohesive event recognition. Get creative with infographics, Pinterest boards, memes, and guest bloggers. Don’t forget about social advertising, either. Paid promotions can have a powerful impact on your registration numbers.

3. During-Event Buzz
Tap into the extensive networks of your event attendees by taking your event online. Make your presence on social media just as strong and exciting as your live event as it happens by interviewing attendees and interacting with customers. Live tweet your interactions, post snippets of speakers, and utilize industry influencers as your brand advocates. Make sure everyone online knows exactly what’s happening at your event and feels engaged and invested in your message.

4. Post-Event Follow Up
Even though your event has wrapped, many opportunities to continue the conversation online remain. Immediately after your event, assess the content you have and repackage it for your social channels. Create a wrap-up blog post, post photo albums and tag event attendees, share videos on YouTube, and thank influencers in your network. There are also plenty of tools to tap into for measuring the impact of your social media efforts post-event so you can see how far your reach was.

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